Bearded Dragon Food Guide – From Childhood to Old Age

Bearded dragons are outstanding pets for those who like reptiles. Picking bearded dragon food is easy because these omnivorous reptiles will consume both veggies and live foods (insects). They will eat a blend of both for their whole life, nevertheless as they grow in dimension the ratio of vegetables to insects will certainly transform. When the beardie is young it will certainly take in mainly online foods. This is an energetic duration for the dragon and it will certainly steady increase its size for the first 1-2 years of its life. As the lizard ages its diet will certainly steady rise in veggies and reduce in live foods.

Bearded Dragon Supplements

In order to offer your bearded reptile with the appropriate nutrition, vitamins and calcium powders will periodically require to be put on the food that is eaten. This is done by cleaning their dishes utilizing a great powdered supplement. The intake of calcium is exceptionally vital as without it they can come to be at risk to metabolic bone condition. The supplement powder can easily be applied to bugs by putting them in a bag and drinking them.

Dubia Roaches


It is extremely essential that you additionally provide your dragon a selection of vegetables. A diet plan which has lots of variants of veggies implies that your pet will certainly be receiving a wide cross section of vitamins and nutrients. There are specific types of veggies that might be rich in certain vitamins but lacking in others. Dubia Bearded dragon food should be composed mainly of green leafy vegetables including kale, mustard eco-friendlies, collard environment-friendlies and dandelions. Greens must be given daily for your dragon throughout their entire life time. These base eco-friendlies need to additionally be supplements with various other kinds of veggies such as peppers, carrots, and beans. You require to sufficiently slice all the vegetables that you feed your family pet this will prevent them from choking on it. A regulation to keep in mind is that whatever you are feeding your beardie ought to not be larger than the space that lies between their eyes.


A young dragon should be bugs daily, however just give them the amount that is necessary for one feeding this means there ought to be no leftovers. Pests that your beardie has not eaten must be gotten rid of from the room as they might nibble on the sensitive areas of your beardie as it sleeps. Right here is some common insect that facialed hair dragons will consume these include Mealworms, crickets, roaches, super worms. Family pet stores generally provide freeze dried or maintained insects however it is always best to feed them on live foods.